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December 7th, 2003 - Kiefer Daily
You're going to learn to obey me.
Damn. How did I miss the start of this community? I should have put it in my friends list right away, after I found it. Anyway, just finished reading all your posts so far and I must say I already love it here. :) Love all your little dirty minds. ;)

To celebrate my joining I thought about posting those two pics:

Kiefer and AngelinaCollapse )

I hope they are getting more interaction but chasing each other in 'Taking Lives'. ;)

Kiefer at the AMAs WallpaperCollapse )

And this one is my favorite of all at the moment. He looks so damn sexy in that suit. And the spiky hair! *thud*

PS: It's not direct-linking regarding the pictures. It's my site, so I have permission. *g* If anyone wants to direct-link, just ask first. :)

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...I can. And because I love you all. :)

Please, can I keep him?Collapse )

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Since sexyscholar made a really good point when she said "There can't be enough Kiefer love/lust, if you ask me. :)" I decided to post twice today (don't have much time during the week anyway). ;)

First of all, 'Promised Land' is an odd movie. The story is not good and it bored me beyond words. But Kiefer is fantastic and he looks so damn hot in it, so it's a 'must see' for everyone.

I wanted to make a view pictures from the best parts and I realized you should have moving pictures. To compensate for that, I made a few more pics. Maybe you get the idea with them. ;) I hope they are not too small, btw. (Okay, every picture of Kiefer is too small, if it's not life size, I know that *g*).

Promised LandCollapse )

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So, I've changed the layout. I do that.

Let me know if you like it, or if you prefer the old one. I needed something constructive to do. :)

Oh right, and *thud*Collapse )

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A little blend that was supposed to be a layout over at The Lost Boys Network, but since that is very much under construction, I'm sharing it here.

Just click the biggest thumbnail you will ever seeCollapse )

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Ask and ye shall receive. ;)

Desert Saints capsCollapse )
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