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December 9th, 2003 - Kiefer Daily
You're going to learn to obey me.
*tears herself away from lonely_street's & ladeemol's animations*

I...I love you guys so much. And to think somebody told me that this community would flop because nobody loves Kiefer as much as I do. Pfft.

Because it reminds me of the desert...sadly, he's clothed.Collapse )

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! A community for obsessive Kiefer fans such as myself? This is too awesome. ;] I guess I should start out here with a picture - this one isn't my favorite, but. Gah. Such a little badass.

Nice Pants. Heh.Collapse )

(24 in two hours! *goes nuts*)

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God I love it when he gets violent...Collapse )

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I've still got Desert Saints sitting here on my desk so I figured I'd do one more little animation from it. This one is actually work safe -- stop that booing! ;) Like the other, I'm sorry if it's a bit slow.

Kiefer!Collapse )

And I'm off for the night. I've got to work at 4am for work tomorrow -- on my birthday of all days! :(
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One more short post before sleep. The very end of 24 tonight! ::face palms:: That's one twist I didn't expect.
/stops so as not to spoil.

And now I'm really off to bed.Collapse )

ETA: Oops! In a hurry last night and didn't link the pic properly. Fixed the HTML so it shows up on the page now. :)

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