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January 4th, 2004 - Kiefer Daily
You're going to learn to obey me.
For some reason I've always had a thing for cowboys. Don't really know what it's all about but whatever... Anyway, I have yet to see Cowboy Up -which combines my two favorite things- because some greedy person has it rented everytime I stop by Blockbuster and I can't find the video or dvd anywhere... Oh well, I still have Young Guns... uh, right. I found this picture and just thought I'd post it since I have yet to make an actual post.... and it's so damn cute.

Cowboy Up ShotCollapse )

That's all, later.

Current Mood: giddy giddy

5 had a taste // wanna lick?
Here's some scans of the pics from the American Way magazine I mentioned a few weeks ago. If anyone wants to use these on their website please credit me as I had to take the time to scan them in. Thanks! :)

Behind here.Collapse )

For those of you waiting for your copy I'll be posting them tomorrow. Sorry for the wait!
4 had a taste // wanna lick?