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January 7th, 2004 - Kiefer Daily
You're going to learn to obey me.
I was stupid enough not to start taping the 3rd season from the beginning and now I'm desperate the watch it all again. Is there anyone out there who has all the eps through tonight's taped and would be willing to copy them for me? ::doe eyes::

Look! Kiefer's even helping with the begging!Collapse )

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Someone posted this juicy Kiefer tidbit on a forum and the words 'upcoming Playboy' stood out to me (among other things from that excerpt). I've a friend who works for Playboy and he confirmed that Kiefer will be featured in the February issue (which goes on stands the last week in January.) He's actually read the article already and says there's a lot of interesting stuff in it - and it's nice and long (mmm long..) as well. So just thought I'd pass on the Kiefer info. I'll be getting a copy of it before it hits the stands so I'll be sure to scan the man.

And here are my pretty piccies.Collapse )

ETA: Playboy.com had a teaser excerpt from the interview, so I nicked it and made it work/parent-friendly viewable here.

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