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Donald Sutherland ( Kiefer's dad) interview - Kiefer Daily
You're going to learn to obey me.
Donald Sutherland ( Kiefer's dad) interview
Here is the part about Kiefer:

I’ve been incredibly fortunate. If there is a wealth that I’ve had in my life really, truly it’s my five children. I had dinner with Kiefer [Sutherland] last night. I had an end of the night meeting with my son Roeg [Sutherland]. They’re just wonderful.

Q: How is Keifer doing?

Donald Sutherland: Fantastic. Fantastic. Could not be more proud of a son and a man and an actor than I am of him. God, he blew me away last night.

Q: How so, his spirit after what he’s been through?

Donald Sutherland: I don’t think that you could call it his spirit, but certainly his sensibility is so balanced and measured and deliberate and the use that he made of his time – forty-eight days is a long time in solitary confinement, twenty-three hours a day. The only thing that he could do to get out was to do the laundry of the other inmates. He said to me last night, because I was able to put a deposit on the telephone so that he could call me collect kind of like every third day and then we’d have fourteen minutes, no more because they cut you off, to speak. You’ve never seen fourteen minutes go so quickly in your life, but he was saying that it was so cold in there, just freezing. Then last night he came up, and I had just landed yesterday afternoon, and he was released on Monday, and he said, ‘You know what, I said that it was so cold in there, but it’s freezing outside!’ [laughs]

Q: Where did you have dinner, a special local spot?

Donald Sutherland: Nah, it’s just a restaurant up the street that we go to a couple of times. It’s a good restaurant. I couldn’t believe how much he ate. He was wonderful.

Q: So they didn’t let him have visitors or anything there?

Donald Sutherland: No. I don’t know whether he could have, but he didn’t want visitors.


You can read the whole interview here.

And 2 pics taken the night they had dinner under the cut:

And this interview, seem to be more questions.

Donald Sutherland is enormously proud of Kiefer Sutherland, in part because of the dignified way his eldest son handled his recent jail sentence for drunk driving.

"He's as good a man -- artist and man -- as you can find anywhere," "You won't find a prouder parent!"

Kiefer's dad said that his son handled the latest situation like a man, taking responsibility for his actions and facing the jail term head on. "And it was tough, tough, tough. I thought he was wonderful."

Part of the support comes because Kiefer has never whined about the circumstances around the DYI incident last September. Unlike many other Hollywood celebrities in similar circumstances, Kiefer did not try to massage his public image and went to jail, and came out, without the overwrought hoopla surrounding fame-craving idiots such as Paris Hilton.

"And it gave me an opportunity because I had him trapped," Donald said with a smile about his sudden opportunity to communicate directly with Kiefer.

In recent years, Donald and Kiefer have become extremely close, especially after Donald started to realize the challenges Kiefer faces being the star of a successful TV drama such as 24.

The jail time intensified their communication, Donald said. "He wasn't allowed reading material," Donald said of the ban on books in Kiefer's particular situation. "But I was able to write to him. I wrote him letters and he didn't have anything else to read so he had to read them. It was great!"

They also talked on the telephone, in strictly regulated increments.

"We could speak every two or three days for 14 minutes, and that was it, you were cut off," Donald said. "You can't believe how fast 14 minutes goes. It's just done like that!"

Donald wanted to prioritize his conversations, to key on specific topics. "You think to," he said. "You start to and then you start to talk and it's gone."

The proud papa has come closest to working directly with Kiefer. Both were cast by Joel Schumacher for the John Grisham thriller, A Time to Kill (1996). But they did not have dialogue scenes together.

"I was a little pissed off with Joel, actually," Sutherland said of the experience, "because Kiefer and I had wanted to do a film where we played a father and a son. I was cast in this movie and then Kiefer was obliged to do it because of his friendship with Joel. So I said to Joel: 'I'm going to do a little improvisation where I see him over there and I turn to Matthew McConaughey and say: 'Do you know who the kid's mother is?' And Joel cut it out.

"So we talked about playing his father in 24. I had something I had to do. I think it was Fool's Gold, to be truthful. But the bottom line is that I really didn't want to play a father who was trying to kill his son."



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